There is much that can be said about Laguna Beach California.  It is a place where people live and work, come for long vacations or a day at the beach, raise families, spend their retirement years, and anything and everything in between.  It is these non-fiction stories we want you to share with us. 

We are looking for short anecdotes of up to 200 words and longer narratives of a maximum of 750 words.  And, because it is sometimes easier to show than tell, we are also seeking photography that illuminates the themes of living and being in Laguna.  You do not have to be a resident,  but your written and photography submissions must be Laguna Beach specific.

We are particularly interested in giving a platform for often under-represented groups of people and individuals who have truly unique experiences and whose voices are often muted.  We are also open to writers and photographers who have never had their work published before.  As long as it touches on Laguna Beach, we welcome everyone to share their work with us.

The final publication will incorporate, in words and image, the diverse and vibrant nature of Laguna Beach California. We look forward to your submissions.


Questions not addressed on this page may be directed to

Anecdotes and vignettes.

True stories.

Please send us the best resolution picture you can.  Otherwise, please have a high-resolution version ready if your photo is accepted for publication. 

Third Street Writers